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MEET Ecosystem CAMEROON #back2Mboa

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Date: 15-11-2023 09:00
MEET Ecosystem Cameroon

Dialoguing, promoting and connecting Cameroonians in the diaspora with players in the country's economic, administrative and socio-cultural ecosystem!

The Cameroonian diaspora, which represents between 1.5 and 2 million people worldwide, plays an important role in Cameroon's development. By investing in their country of origin, creating jobs and stimulating the economy, they help promote Cameroonian culture and values abroad.

With the aim of building bridges and increasing cooperation between the diaspora and Cameroonian players in the field of entrepreneurship, we decided to design an event unique in its format and richness.

This event, which brings the MEET Africa cycle of events to a close, will for the first time bring together ALL the players involved in entrepreneurship: male and female entrepreneurs, state institutions, local authorities and the media, to learn, dialogue, connect and enhance each other's skills, around workshops, round tables, stands and festive moments.

Wednesday November 15, 2023 // FOCUS Institutional players
In partnership with MINREX

  • Opening ceremony.
  • Round Table #1
    Sharing best practices in mobilizing and effectively promoting the diaspora in French-speaking Africa.
  • Restitution
    The back-2-Mboa diasporic entrepreneur's administrative path and identification of missing links.
  • Business to Government
    Clinical-Institutional / Educational meeting between entrepreneurs/investors from the diaspora and the government institutions involved in their development.

Thursday November 16, 2023 // FOCUS Decentralized local authorities and the private sector
In partnership with FEICOM

  • Ceremony and groundbreaking ceremony.
  • Round table #2
    Diaspora, ambassadors for the region's 3Ps (people, place and possibilities).
  • Round table #3
    Diaspora, the nation's economic players (entrepreneurs, investors, business referents).
  • Round table #4
    Focus on 4 entrepreneurs from the diaspora (including 2 winners of the MEET Africa 2 program) who have successfully set up their businesses in Mboa. Best practices and feedback.
  • Business to Government
    Speed networking

Attendance in person or online, free but compulsory!

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MEET Ecosystem CAMEROON #back2Mboa

Dialogue, promote and connect Cameroonians in the diaspora to the country's economic, administrative and socio-cultural ecosystems! #Back2Mboa 

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