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White Paper - How to develop and support diaspora entrepreneurship?

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Date: 18-06-2024

Over the course of the MEET Africa 2 program's activities, numerous initiatives and issues have been identified and catalogued, providing a wealth of shared expertise that deserves to be highlighted and made available to any player wishing to develop tools and policies to help integrate its diaspora. 

In fact, diaspora entrepreneurs are not lacking in specific features, whether it's taking up the challenge of doing business in the dual Euro-African space, meeting specific human resources needs, building a network of contacts in a country they sometimes know little about, or facing numerous technical, financial, psychological and cultural obstacles. 

As an extension of the activities carried out to strengthen local ecosystems supporting diaspora entrepreneurship in the 5 program partner countries, MEET Africa 2 has launched the drafting of a white paper entitled "How to mobilize and develop diaspora entrepreneurship".

This White Paper is primarily intended for players in French-speaking African ecosystems, with a view to participating in the development of diaspora entrepreneurship in their countries. As an advocacy tool, it aims to equip these players so that together they can plan, co-construct and strengthen the conditions for recognized, encouraged and supported diaspora entrepreneurship. 

Organized in the form of 12 technical fact sheets, this document offers feedback from the MEET Africa 2 program, as well as numerous examples of inspiring practices from different countries and ideas for developing and supporting the mobilization of diaspora entrepreneurship.

This white paper was written by Cyril Arandi, cabinet Arandi and Sophie Daguin - L'oeil à la page.

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