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MEET Ecosystem Tunisia

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Date: 05-05-2024

🇹🇳 Thank you to all our partners and participants who attended our MEET Ecosystem workshop in Tunis on February 22. This workshop dedicated to entrepreneurship in the Tunisian diaspora mobilized over 130 people representing the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem and public institutions .

This day was organized with our national institutional partner, IFAP, and was attended by :

  • Tom ASHWANDEN, Head of the Cooperation Section at the European Union Delegation in Tunisia
  • Sarah DAIRI, Project Manager, Financial Sector/Private Sector Support/Entrepreneurship, AFD Tunis Office
  • Syma MATI, MEET Africa 2 Project Manager
  • Hichem RADOINE, MEET Africa 2 Tunisia Country Expert
  • Jalel TEBIB, IFAP General Manager
  • Ahcène GHEROUFELLA, Director of Innov'i Programs - GreenInnov'i
  • Christian JEKINNOU, MEET Africa 2 Expert
  • Thouraya KHAYAT, FIPA
  • Alaya BETTAIEB, Managing Director, Smart Capital
  • Monia ESSAIDI, Vice-President, CONNECT International
  • Safa MADJOUB, Program Director, THE DOT
  • Dhekra KHELIFI, 216 Capital
  • Stephanie SCHRADE, GIZ
  • Christian CARABALLO, MEET Africa 2 Expert
  •  Lou BACHELIER-DEGRAS, Deputy Project Manager, MEET Africa 2
  • Mohamed BETTAIEB, Central Bank of Tunisia
  • Khaldoun FATTOUM, Office des Tunisiens à l'Etranger (OTE)
  • Rym HADAOUI, Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency (APIA)
  • Nouredine GUIZANI, Industry and Innovation Promotion Agency (APII)
  • Colonel Ilyes BELKHIR, Tunisian Customs
  • Claire NAKKACHI, Senior Project Manager at INCO
  • Christian CARABALLO, MEET Africa 2 expert

Numerous presentations and panel discussions addressed innovations and trends in the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem, the successes and challenges of diaspora entrepreneurship, foreign exchange benefits for Tunisians living abroad, institutional support and resources for diaspora entrepreneurs, and the presentation of financing schemes for diaspora entrepreneurs under the MEET Africa 2 project.

The MEET Ecosystem was also an opportunity to showcase the winners of the MEET Africa 2 program, who were awarded the Dotation 2 acceleration prize of €30,000. The 4 winners of the Dotation 2 acceleration prize were present, and were able to pitch their projects and share their entrepreneurial experiences with the public.

  • Ahmed SMAALI for the GNOW project
  • Mohamed MAKNI for the ZENWAY project
  • Ala Eddine DHAOUAFI for the MELLEYA project
  • Marwa MOULA for the ILEY'COM project ileycom .com

At the end of the MEET Ecosystem Tunisia event, all the public and private players present recognized the impact of the MEET Africa 2 program and called for it to be continued!

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MEET Ecosystem Tunisia

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