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MEET Her Senegal 2023

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Date: 16-01-2024

🇸🇳 On October 31 in Dakar, MEET Africa brought together nearly 100 people for a day dedicated to women entrepreneurship, organized in partnership with PariSénégal. Many thanks to all our partners and speakers for this exceptional day!

The meeting provided an opportunity to answer the many questions asked by the women entrepreneurs present:

  • What is Senegal's strategy for supporting the initiatives of women entrepreneurs in the diaspora?
  • How can we encourage and improve networking between local and diaspora women entrepreneurs, to strengthen their skills, expand their markets, and have reliable relays in the dual space?
  • How can the needs and perspectives of women entrepreneurs be better integrated into the national and regional integration process? What mechanisms exist to finance women entrepreneurs from the diaspora? How can they benefit from these opportunities?

Thank you to the many participants and to all those who shared their experiences and tools to enrich the careers of Senegalese women entrepreneurs.

📍MandiayeNdao, PhD, MBA, AET, Expert MEET Africa Sénégal.
📍ArameLAKHE, Manager espace Sénégal Services Dakar
📍AminataMarguerite Ba, Responsable Retour et Réinsertion OFII SENEGAL
📍Aby CISSE, Chef de Bureau Orientation à l'APIX-S.A
📍AlineKaboure, Investment Analyst, WIC CAPITAL
📍ModieneJoe NDIAYE, Chef de Département en charge des financements du secteur tertiaire, Délégation Générale à l'Entreprenariat Rapide des Femmes et des Jeunes - DER/FJ
📍AbdouMbacké Lô Chargé de Programme financial analyst, Direction de la formalisation et de génération entreprise ADEPME OFFICIEL
📍Sokhna Ndour, CEO Beauty and co
📍CoumbaSOW Founder of PariSénégal
📍OliviaMukam-WANDJI, PMP, Expert MEET Africa Cameroun.

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